Colin O’Donohoe, Pangean Orchestra Director

For Colin O’Donohoe, music is far more than entertainment – it is a bridge to other worlds and to other people.  As a world music composer, performer, and conductor, he is a musician who eradicates boundaries and finds the shared passion amongst our different musical forms, styles, and languages.  On his most recent album, Lyrical Sutras, O’Donohoe creates a seamless piece of music that spans cultures and epochs, and in doing so, has created the possibility of using music to close divides between mankind.

Colin is a rare musician – one brave enough to live out the ideals and aspirations of his music, and being unstoppable amidst anything that attempts to get in the way.  On Songs Of The Saints, you can hear his vision in full flower, as he synthesizes various music to create his own singular vision.  But it is clear that he is just getting started, and with future projects like The Pangean Orchestra, it will be clear that this is an artist just reaching his stride.

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