Pangean Orchestra: Featured Artist of the Week!

The Pangean Orchestra is filled with fantastic players of all kinds of interesting instruments. This page is where you can check back every week to see the latest new addition. The Pangean Orchestra is a revolutionary group that aims to bring great musicians from all backgrounds together through our common language of music. In a world that is growing smaller and smaller by the day, soon it might be commonplace for children all over the world to learn music in orchestras and ensembles that combine the doumbek, violin, turntable, pipa, tsimbal, drumset, sitar, piano, saxophone, bouzouki, gu zheng and other traditional instruments. We hope to open up a Global Musician’s Marketplace and stimulate the endless possibilities of peaceful collaboration with all our world’s cultures. Find out more about the Pangean Orchesatra here:


  Pat Fisher wrote @

Will you be performing in the Valley’s new
Musical Instrument Museum sometime?

  Tamara Freida wrote @

Hello Pat,

It is quite possible that Pangean Orchestra may be performing there in the future. I have heard it is quite incredible!

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