Heidi Gadd, Violin

Heidi Gadd is an Arizona Native and has been playing the violin for over 25 years.

From the first moment the violin touched her hands, 3+ hours a day of playing commenced. Eventually integrating Electric Violin, thanks to her Parents, who gave her an Electric pickup-on her 15th birthday & Jason Christensen, donating her first Effects Pedal, the Cry-Baby Wah.

A studio musician and Songwriter, she has worked on several Artists Albums and has begun to branch in to TV and Film Scoring.

Heidi toured the United States & Canada with Saul Williams, poet/songwriter/actor, as his electric violinist for his sophomore, self-titled album.

Heidi passionately helps others learn the art of the violin. She holds a teaching studio of over 60 private students, from age 4-100, located at Bindley’s Music Center in Chandler, Arizona for over 10 years.

In recent years, she has discovered her ability to restore and repair the instruments in the Viol Family. She spends several hours a day in her repair shop.

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