Flavio Martinez, Panpipe Flutes



          Flavio Martinez is a professional musician and founder of the band NOSOTROS. www.nosotrosound.com 

          He is now beginning to perform as a soloist playing traditional flutes, especially the panpipe flutes from South-America. He heard these beautiful flutes while studying music education in Mexico and became “enchanted” by the exotic and haunting sounds. “It is amazing how you can create beautiful music with such simple reed pipes,” he said. 

          For his performances he uses a wide variety of flutes such as: quena, quenacho,  panpipe flute, sikus, sanka, malta, ika, ocarina, and rondador which are flutes from Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador. Particularly with the Pangean Orchestra he plays Siku Malta and Quena.

          The songs he plays range from soothing, ease filled sounds to joyful and festive ones. His repertoire includes not only Andean music but also Latin pop and international music. Flavio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the Universidad de Guadalajara and he is a Certified Music teacher by the state of Arizona. He is currently a music teacher for the Isaac School District and is part of the artist teaching staff of the Phoenix Conservatory of Music where he provides guitar and panpipe flute lessons as well as education in Latin-American culture.  www.phoenixconservatoryofmusic.org

          You can read more about Flavio at www.flavioflutes.com.

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